OM THIRU CHITRAMBALAM In this first Thirupathigam we need not do anything except praising the saints and live noble life




Those souls ripped way and that body is set to it

ganesheit September 27, 2021


caph;fspd; gf;Ftj;Jf;Bfw;g clypid mikj;jy;

Those souls ripped way and that body is set to it
பரத்திற் கரைந்து பதிந்தநற் காயம்

At the end of yooi time this land is conserved way those body is concept way destroyed
cyfk; xLA;Fk; fhyj;J clk;g[k; gy jj;JtA;fsha; xLA;fp

உருத்தரித் திவ்வுடல் ஓங்கிட வேண்டித்

Ad then all are sub merged in the maayaa place and those maaya place submerged that body is once again re appear in this land for that lord siva’s sacred mind place those urge must be emanated
Kotpy; vy;yhtw;WlDk; khiaapy; xLA;Fk; khiaapy; xLA;fpa cly; kPst[k; Kd; Bghyj; Bjhd;Wjy; Btz;Lk; vdr; rptbgUkhd; jpUcs;sk; bfhs;spd;

திரைக்கடல் உப்புத் திரண்டது போலத்

Nd then those sea water place standing that salt taste and then those sun rays way those salt is reappeared and then in the same way
fly; ePhpy; Bjhd;whJ epd;w cth;g;g[r; Rit R{hpa xspaha; gpd;Bjhd;wp epw;Fk; cg;ghfj; jpuz;L cUtk; vLj;jy; Bghy

திரித்துப் பிறக்குந் திருவரு ளாலே

And that lord Siva’s sacred grace way one again reappear this world
mtdJ jpUmUs; brayhBy kPst[k; Kd;Bghyj; Bjhd;Wk;

om thiru chitram balam

September 27, 2021

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