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Those lord siva’s nature hearing way standing there

ganesheit September 27, 2021


niwapay;igf; Bfl;L epd;Bwd;

Those lord siva’s nature hearing way standing there
கேட்டுநின் றேன்எங்குங் கேடில் பெருஞ்சுடர்

Those veethaa books are we learnt persons and those micro level analytical knowledge possessed persons who are chanting mannerism hearing form standing there, and that way you are not perishable light form you are existing in this world
E]y; mwpe;jtUk; El;gkhd mwpt[ilahUk; XJk; Kiwiaf; Bfl;L epd;Bwd; vd;Wk; mHptpy;yhj Bgbuhspahfpa rptbgUkhBd

மூட்டுகின் றான்முதல் யோனி மயனவன்

And then in this world place cause and effect way  and those appearance possessing way all are clubbed together
cyfk; midj;jpw;Fk; Kjy; fhuz totha; epd;W mtw;iwf; Bfhf;fpd;whd;

கூட்டுகின் றான்குழம் பின்கரு வையுரு

And those fluid form of nucleus place those zygote formation way mixing that semen and egg cells and then created that human body
FHk;igf; Bghd;w fUitf; Tl;o itf;fpd;whd; jid cUthf;Ffpd;whd;

நீட்டுநின் றாகத்து நேர்ப்பட்ட வாறே

And then developing this body and then internal place mingling way appeared in that way clubbed form appearing is called in the name of near padal way
cliy tsh;f;fpd;whd; mtw;Wld; fye;J epw;fpd;whd; mt;thW Brh;e;J nUf;Fk; jd;ikia Beh;gly; vd;gh;


niwtd; vA;Fk; fye;J epw;Fk; epiy

Lord siva all places mingling form appearing
பூவுடன் மொட்டுப் பொருந்த அலர்ந்தபின்

The flower form of ladies secret part and those flower bud form of pennies are clubbing way and those bloomed way
kyiug; Bghd;w Bahdpa[k; (bgz;Fwpa[k;) bkhl;ilg; Bghd;w nypA;fKk; (Mz;Fwpa[k;) bghUe;j kyh;e;j gpd;g[

காவுடைத் தீபங் கலந்து பிறந்திடும்

And that semen and egg cell are mixing way and then those glittering form of living atom created (cell conceived way that zygote formed)
Rf;fpy RBuhzpjA;fs; fyf;Fk; xspkakhd rPt mZ cz;lhFk;

நீரிடை நின்ற குமிழி நிழலதாய்ப்

And then water place appearing that bubble shadow way
ePhpy; vA;Fk; gwtp epd;w FkpHpapd; epHy; Bghy;

பாருடல் எங்கும் பரந்தெட்டும் பற்றுமே

In this intricate body place those soul atom form spread all over the body place and then mingled there
El;gkhd clypy; cs;s rPt mZ cly; vA;Fk; fye;JtpLk;


niwtd; R{f;Fkj;ija[k; J]yj;ija[k; fl;og; gpupg;gtd;

At first those abstract and concert body is clubbed way and then separate it
எட்டினுள் ஐந்தாகும் இந்திரி யங்களும்

And those micro body instruments are eight in number ( kaamam,kurootham yuloobam mooagam,matham ,maachariyam, thunbam agangaaram) (lust feelings, enmity, micerliness, likings, bulishness,differencing with body color,sorrow, and ego filled mind) and then five self-tablets are body (skin) mouth, eye nose and ear and those external sense receptors are
Ez; clk;g[f; fUtpfs; vl;oDs; jd;khj;jpiufs; Md bka;, tha;, fz;, }f;F, brtp vd;Dk; Ie;J bghwpfSk;

கட்டிய மூன்று கரணமு மாய்விடும்

And those sense organs are  garbing way those manam, puthi,and agangaaram (mind thinking power,and those ego filled way acted) are emanated there
mtw;Wld; bjhlh;g[ cila mg;g[yd;fisj; jk;ghy; gw;wpf; bfhs;fpd;w kdk;, g[j;jp mfA;fhuk; vd;Dk; }d;W me;jf; fuzA;fSk; cz;lhFk;

ஒட்டிய பாச உணர்வென்னுங் காயப்பை

And then all are clubbed way and those liking and disliking way created this body type of bag place
mtw;Wld; Brh;e;J tpUg;g[ btWg;g[f;F Vw;g cz;lhfpa clk;g[ vd;Dk; igapDs;

கட்டி அவிழ்த்திடுங் கண்ணுதல் காணுமே

And those soul form of commodity at first tied with this body and then afterwards untied its knot
caph; vd;fpd;w ruf;ifr; rptbgUkhd; Kd;dh;f; fl;o itj;Jg; gpd;dh; mtpH;j;J tpLthd;


kz; Kjypa g{jA;fisg; gilj;jy;

Five vast boothaas are created
கண்ணுதல் நாமங் கலந்துடம் பாயிடைப்

Those souls are that physical appearance body and those abstract mannerism are not considered as body form and then in addition those lord siva’s five letter name (sivaaya nama, nama sivaaya om ponnambalam) and those manthraas are converted as body form and then those wards are

caph;fs; J]yKk;, R{f;FkKk; Ma clk;g[fisBa clk;ghfg; gw;wp epy;yhJ rptbgUkhdJ jpUg;bgauhfpa jpUIe;J vGj;ijBa clk;ghFkhW mjid
பண்ணுதல் செய்து பசுபாசம் நீங்கிட

chanting it (wards way saying, murmuring way chanting it, and then thinking in the mind place and then realizing in the mind place in that way chanting it and then left away that relationship bond place
bkhHpjy; (thrfk;) KZKZj;jy; (cghq;R) fUjy; (khdjk;) czh;jy; (me;j khdjk;) vd;Dk; Kiwfspy; fzpj;Jg; (brgpj;J) ghrA;fspy; epd;Wk; ePA;FkhW

எண்ணிய வேதம் இசைந்த பரப்பினை

And then those veethaa like other books are
Btjk; Kjyhfg; bghUe;jpa gue;j E]y;fis

மண்முத லாக வகுத்துவைத் தானே

Created not only in this world but also all other worlds place composed way kept it
kz; cyfk; Kjypa vy;yh cyfA;fspYk; tFj;J itj;Js;shd;


niwtd; caph;fsplk; mwpt[k; braYk; tpsA;f itj;jhd;

Lord siva kept in the soul place not only knowledge but also practical way activating it
அருளல்ல தில்லை அரனவன் அன்றி

Without grace there is  no lord siva and then in reciprocal way if there is no lord siva and then there is no grace in this world
mUs; nd;wpr; rptd; ny;iy rptd; nd;wp mUs; ny;iy

அருளில்லை யாதலி னவ்வோர் உயிரைத்

And then all the time those grace form standing lord siva who has fallen in the fetus place as soul form
MfBt vd;Wk; mUBshBl epw;fpd;w mtd; fUtpy; tpH;fpd;w me;j Xh; capiu

தருகின்ற போதிரு கைத்தாயர் தம்பால்

Ad then those child is rearing way appeared in this world and those theroothaana sakthi form of lords parvathi that step mother form rearing that child
tsh;f;fj; jUfpd;w bghGJ jpBuhjhd rf;jp mjid tsh;f;fpd;w brtpypj;jha; vd;Dk;

வருகின்ற நண்பு வகுத்திடுந் தானே

And that way in the mother place love filled way created by lord siva
nU jhahu; nlj;J md;ig cz;lhf;fpj; jUthd;


rptd; rj;jp Mfpa nUtUk; caph;fspy; fye;J epw;wy;

Lord siva and lords parvati mingled form appearing in the soul place
வகுத்த பிறவியை மாதுநல் லாளுந்

And that relationship attachment knowledge giving way thisbody is developing that mother
ghr qhdj;ijj; jUfpd;w clk;ig tsh;f;fpd;w mk;ika[k;

தொகுத்திருள் நீக்கிய சோதி யவனும்

And then those father those veethaa books are realizing way and those relationship bond is removed  way giving that pasu gaanam (soul) and then pathi gaanass (god) are giving and that father is doing works are respectively
E]y;fis kpf czh;j;jpg; ghr qhdj;ijg; Bghf;fpg; gRqhd gjpqhdA;fisj; jUfpd;w mg;gDk; bra;a[k; bray;fs; KiwBa

பகுத்துணர் வாக்கிய பல்லுயிர் எல்லாம்

And those five sense organs are seprate analytical form realizing way to that souls those so many birth and deaths are giving way
Ie;J g[yd;fisg; gFj;J czUk; tifapy; caph;fSf;Fg; gytifg; gpwg;g[fisj; jUjYk;

வகுத்துள்ளும் நின்றதோர் மாண்பது வாமே

And then those knowledge and then with in that gaana knowledge realizing way put that child in this world
mtw;wpw;F mwpt[f;F mwptha; epw;wiyg; g[yg;gLj;JjYk; MFk;


niwtd; jha; je;ijtHp cliyg; gilf;fpd;whd;

Lord siva who has created this body through father and mother
மாண்பது வாக வளர்கின்ற .(1).வன்னியுங்

And those highly graded way in the uterus place growing that zygote is created by lord siva
khl;rpaikBahL fUg;iga[s; tsh;fpd;w fUitr; rptbgUkhd; bra;tJ

காண்பது ஆண்பெண் அலியெனுங் கற்பனை

And then those male ,female and ali ant that three forms are set by lord siva
Mz;, bgz;, myp vd;Dk; }tif mr;rhf me;j mr;Rf;fs; miktJ

பூண்பது மாதா பிதாவழி போலவே

And those father and mother form those body child is carried with that previous bad effect form
khjh, gpjhf;fspd; cly; Twhfpa fhuzk; bghUl;L Vw;gth;fs;

ஆம்பதி செய்தானச் சோதிதன் ஆண்மையே

And that appropriate way lord siva whose capacity and power is embedded on the child
mtw;wpw;F vy;yhk; jf;fthBw mg;bgUkhd; jdJ Mw;wiyg; gjpt[ bra;fpd;whd;

.(1). வன்னியைக்


fUtpy; Mz; bgz; khw;wk; mika[k; tpjk;

In the fetus place those male and female formation ways
ஆண்மிகில் ஆணாகும் பெண்மிகிற் பெண்ணாகும்

While mingling that male and female and then at that time those semen mighty power is much more compering female one then that child will be male one and then that female power is much more and that child will be female form created
Mz;, bgz; TLk; BghJ Mz; btz;Jspg;gz;g[ kpFe;jhy; me;j caph; Mz;MFk; bgz;gz;g[ kpFe;jhy; me;j caph; bgz;zhFk;

பூணிரண் டொத்துப் பொருந்தில் அலியாகும்

And then those male and female mannerism is equal one and that that child will be ali form appearing
Mz; bgz; gz;g[ rkkhdhy; me;j caph; mypahFk;

தாண்மிகு மா whole worldகில் தரணி முழுதாளும்

And those male motivation is much more comparing that female and that getting birth that soul will best way appearing and then ruling the world
Ms;tpid Kaw;rpapy; fUj;J kpFjpaha; nUe;jhy; gpwh;f;Fk; caph; rpwg;gha;g; gpwf;Fk; mJ cyif MSk;

பாணவ மிக்கிடில் பாய்ந்ததும் இல்லையே

And then that mingling time those low graded form of mentality will stop the semen ejections
Tl;Lwtpd; BghJ jhH;r;rp kdg;ghd;ik nUf;Fkhapd; Rf;fpyk; gha;tJ epd;WtpLk;


Bahfp Rf;fpyj;ijg; gha;r;ry;

The saint ejecting the seman
பாய்ந்தபின் னஞ்சோடில் ஆயுளும் நூறாகும்

And then those seman separated from the male and then fallen that five finger scale way running way fallen and then way created that soul will live 100 years
Mzpd; Rf;fpyk; MzplkpUe;J gphpe;J Ie;J tpuy;nil Xo tpGkhapd; gpwf;Fk; caphpd; thH;t[ E]W Mz;L

பாய்ந்தபின் நாலோடில் பாரினில் எண்பதாம்

And then in the same way those seman running four finger scal and then fallen and that soul will get 80 years of life
me;jr; Rf;fpyk; ehd;F tpuw;fpil Xo tpGe;jhy; me;j capUf;F thH;t[ vd;gjhFk;

பாய்ந்திடும் வாயுப் பகுத்தறிந் திவ்வகை

And that way those semen ejecting those gases are well way realized
Rf;fpyj;ijr; brYj;Jk; tha[it ng;go ed;whf czh;e;J

பாய்ந்திடும் யோகிக்குப் பாய்ச்சலு மாமே

And then eject it and that capacity is possessed by yoogies
gha;e;jplr; bra;a[k; Mw;wy; Bahfpf;F cz;L


Rf;fpyj;ijr; brYj;Jk; tha[t[f;F vw;gf; FHe;ijapd; mA;fk; mikjy;

Those seman ejecting gase strength way those child body parts are appearing
பாய்கின்ற வாயுக் குறையிற் குறளாகும்

And those semen ejecting gases are insufficient one and then child will get that short hight of body
Rf;fpyj;ij brYj;Jk; tha[ Fiwe;jpld; FHe;ijahdJ Fl;ilaha;g; gpwf;Fk;

பாய்கின்ற வாயு விளைக்கின் முடமாகும்

And then those gasses are in lean form then that child will possess deformities form of body parts
gha[k; tha[ bkype;jpod; KlkhFk;

பாய்கின்ற வாயு நடுப்படிற் கூனாகும்

And then those ejecting gas is stopped and then those child will stopped spinal card way born
me;j tha[ jilg;gl;lhy; FHe;ij Tdha;g; gpwf;Fk;

பாய்கின்ற வாயுமா தர்க்கில்லை பார்க்கிலே

And then in analyzing way ladies do not possessed that ejection gasses
Mdhy; Muha;e;J ghu;j;jhy; bgz;fSf;F tha[ ny;iy

Om thiru chitrambalam

September 27, 2021

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