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Those disciples are teasing way appearing persons will enter hell

ganesheit September 27, 2021

23.. மயேசுர நிந்தை.

moahiug; gHpj;jtu; eufj;ij miltu;

Those disciples are teasing way appearing persons will enter hell
ஆண்டான் அடியவர் ஆர்க்கும் விரோதிகள்

Those Siva’s disciples and then world nature place contrary concepts are possessed  persons and then do not do harm to others
rptdoahu;fs; cyf naYf;F khWgl;lth;fs; ahUf;Fk; jPA;F bra;ahjth;fs;

ஆண்டான் அடியவர் ஐயமேற் .(1).றுண்பவர்

And those Siva’s disciples are while feeling hungry and that time getting begging food and then eating it and that way living people
me;jr; rptd; moahu;fs; grp te;j BghJ gpr;ir vLj;J cz;L thH;gth;fs;

ஆண்டான் அடியரை வேண்டாது பேசினோர்

And that disciples are aversion filled way talked and those persons are
mj;jifa moahu;fis btWf;fj; jf;ftw;iwg; Bgrpath;fs;

தாம்தாம் விழுவது தாழ்நர காமே.

And those persons are going to get that low graded hell for it they themselves paving way for it
(1). றுண்பார்.
kpft[k; jhH;e;j eufj;ij mila tHp bra;J bfhz;lth; Mthu;


rptBghfk; rpj;jpf;Fk;

Siva bogam getting way
ஞானியை நிந்திப் பவனும் நலன் என்றே

All the time cursing and degrading Siva gaanees is thinking as right act and then daily doing that act
rptqhdpia J]w;WtBj eyk; vd;W fUjp J]w;WgtDk;

ஞானியை வந்திப் பவனுமே நல்வினை

And then in that way those gaanes are praying is good act and that way thinking and daily praying him and that way those deeds deeds are attained and then those who are cursing will attain bad deeds
mt;thW nd;wp qhdpah;fis tzA;FtBj eyk; vd;W mwpe;J tzA;FgtDk; KiwBa ey;tpid ePA;fp jPtpidia va;JgtDk;

யான கொடுவினை தீர்வார் அவன்வயம்

And then after realizing that bad acts and then doing good to Siva gaanies and then attain that good way of life

Because those
jPtpid gpd; ePA;fp ey;tpidia va;JgtDkhth;

போன பொழுதே புகுஞ்சிவ போகமே.

Because those Siva gaanies place surrendering way and then acted as his disciples and then after wards only attain lord siva’s grace
Vbddpy; rptqhdpfl;F moatuhd gpd;Bg vtUf;Fk; rptbgUkhd; jpUmUs; fpilf;Fk;
om thiru chitram balam

September 27, 2021

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