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The benefits are attained, those things are given to saints

16.. பாத்திரம்.

qhdpah;f;Fj; jUtjhy; cz;lhFk; gad;

The benefits are attained, those things are given to saints
திலமத் தனைபொன் சிவஞானிக்கு ஈந்தால்

If you give sesame amount of gold (gingili) is given to siva gaanam filled persons
bfhLf;fg;gLtJ vs; mst[ bghd;Bd MapDk; mjidr; rptqhdk; iftug;bgw;w xUth;f;Ff; bfhLj;jhy;

பலமுத்தி சித்தி பரபோக மும்

And then its effects way got those eight types of special powers (sithees) and then those feet mukthi, abaramukthi, and that paramukthi also be attained
mJ jd;gadhf vd;bgUk; rpj;jpfisa[k; gjKf;jp, mguKf;jpfisa[k; guKf;jpfisa[k; jUk;

தரும்நிலமத் தனைபொன்னை நின்மூடர்க்கு ஈந்தால்

And that fake appearance way those persons who are pretending that Siva gaaniees way and those full idiot persons those land amount of gold is given
Btl khj;jpuj;jhy; kl;Lk; rptqhdpfs; Bghy eog;gtUf;F ahJk; mwpahj KG}lh;f;F epykj;jidg; bghd;idf; bfhLg;gpDk;

பலமும்அற் றெபர போகமும் குன்றுமே.

It will not give any benefits and then on the contrary it will reduce already acquired gaana
mJ xU gaida[k; juhJ mJkw;Wkd;W qhdk; Fiwjw;F VJtha[k; tpLk;


capupy; tpsA;Fk; ehjid eho czu;e;jhy; Bjtu; Mth;

In the soul place existing sound searching way realized and then that persons will be converted as deevaas
கண்டிருந் தாருயிர் உண்டிடுங் காலனைக்

All living beings are after the span of life those death god ema taken away that soul which is kept in the mind place
caph;fs; midj;ija[k; xt;bthU fhy vy;iyapy; Tw;Wtd; bfhz;L Bghjiy kdj;jpy; bfhz;lhu;fs;

கொண்டிருந் தாருயிர் கொள்ளும் குணத்தனை

And then those father and mother are taken away by death god ema and that death god ema’s life is taken away by lord siva
gpd;Dk; jd;id cl;bfhz;ltuJ capiuj;jhd; jd; cs;bfhs;Sk; Fzk; cilatDk;

நன்றுணர்ந் தார்க்கருள் செய்திடு நாதனைச்

And then those who are gaana way of life following persons place showering much love and that lord siva
qhd bewpapy; brd;wth; khl;L mUs; kpf;Th;f;fpd;wtDk; Mfpa rptbgUkhid

சென்றுணர்ந் தார்சிலர் தேவரு மாமே.

And those who are following that good way of life and then realized lord siva and that persons are considered as highly regarded persons and then in addition those deevaa form prayed and then praised by others
me;j ey;y bewpapBy brd;W czh;e;jhu;fs; mth; Bkd; kf;fs; Mjy; md;wpa[k; Bjth; vdt[k; Bghw;wg;gLjw;F chpauhth;


fUf;bfhz;l ehs; Kjyhf niwtid tzA;f Btz;Lk;

From conception day onwards we must pray lord siva
கைவிட்டி லேன்கரு வாகிய காலத்து

While I am in the mother’s  stomach place germinated time I have realized that siva gaana and then garbed it
ehd; md;id tapw;wpy; fUtha; nUe;j BghBj rptqhdj;ijg; gw;wp nUe;Bjd;

மெய்விட்டி லேன்விகிர் தன்அடி தேடுவன்

And then those lord siva’s sacred feet, while clubbed with the body I am not left away
niwtdpd; jpUtoia clYld; To nUe;j BghJk; ePA;fhky; nUe;Bjd;

பொய்விட்டு நானே புரிசடை யானடி

And then after wards this untrue form of body giving up way and then those glittering form of lord siva’s sacred feet I will search
gpd;dh; bgha;ahd cliy tpl;L xspkakhd jpUtoia ehd; ehLBtd;

நெய்விட் டிலாத விடிஞ்சிலு மாமே.

Weneed not pour ghee to this lamp but it is automatically burning lamp
mJ bea;thu;j;J vhpahj J]z;lh tpsf;fhFk;


rptqhdpau; aht[k; rptd; bray; vdj; jk;ik kwe;jpUg;gu;

Those siva gaanees are thinking it is lord siva’s act and those way meditation way seated
ஆவன ஆவ அழிவ அழிவன

And those true books way leading life ant that persons have those firm mind way thinking that those creating things are existing in this world which cannot be destroyed and then those things are perishing and then vanished from this world those things cannot be kept permanent way it will defenitly gone away
tpsA;Ffpd;w bka; E]iy czh;e;jtd; Mfg;ghyd MFBk md;wp mHpah, mHpat[ghyd mHpa[Bk md;wp mHpahJ xHpah

போவன போவ புகுவ புகுவன

And then those things which are left away from us and that thngs will not be preserved and then in the same way those things which are approaching us and that things will not left away those true matter is realized in this world and then nothing has seen with his eyes
ePA;Ftd ek;ik tpl;L ePA;FBk md;wp epy;yh tUtd; tUBk md;wp ePA;fh vd;gjid czh;e;J xd;iwa[k; jhBd fhzhJ

காவலன் பேர்நந்தி காட்டித்துக் கண்டவன்

And that acts are done by lord siva alone which is realized way thorough lord siva’s eyes way
mit midj;jpw;Fk; fhuzdhd rptd; fhl;oaijf; fz;L

ஏவன செய்யும் இளங்கிளை யோனே.

And those lord siva’s grace order way and those directed way all the acts are done by lord siva and then seated there calmly in meditation
mtd; mUs; Mizahy; Vtpa bray;fisBa bra;J nUg;ghd;
om thiru chitram balam

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