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Peraanaa yaamam

ganesheit September 27, 2021

5.. பிராணாயாமம்

Peraanaa yaamam


gpuhz brak; cz;lhFk;

Those oxygen inflating acts are happaning
ஐவர்க்கு நாயகன் அவ்வூர்த் தலைமகன்

And those five sense organs leader ad then this body leader
Ie;J bghwpfSf;Fj; jiytDk; clYf;Fj; jiytDk;

உய்யக்கொண்டேறுங் குதிரைமற் றொன்றுண்டு

And then those soul is high place getting way and then those mind place those peraanan ( life force form of oxygen ) form of horse one existing
Mfpa Md;kh ca;t[ bgw;W Bky; mila kdj;Jld; gpuhzd; vd;w Fjpiu xd;W cs;sJ

மெய்யர்க்குப்பற்றுக்கொடுக்குங் கொடாதுபோய்ப்

Ad that body away place in the broad space place living persons are whose control it is existing and those persons who are practicing that breating exercise to whom that ming form of horse controlled by them
mJ cliy tpl;L mfz;lj;ijg; gw;wp epd;wth;f;F tag;gl;L epw;Fk; cz;ikapy; gpuhzd; gapw;rp cilath;f;F kdk; vd;w Fjpiu mlA;fp epw;Fk;

பொய்யரைத் துள்ளி விழுத்திடுந் தானே

And those who are nor proper way takrm this practice to whom this mind is do not under their control and then that horse while galloping way running time he will be made to fallen down from the horse and then ran away     
Kiwaw;w gapw;rp cilath;f;F kdk; mlA;fp epw;fhJ me;jf; Fjpiu mtiu fPBH js;sptpl;L XotpLk;


FUtUs; Bjit

The main requirement is guru’s grace
ஆரிய னல்லன் குதிரை இரண்டுள

In all the people place two horses are available one is good person and then another is bad person (peraanan and abaanan) (eadai kalai pingali) those right nasal and left nasal way moving wind
vy;yh kf;fs; nlj;Jk; ey;ytd; vd;Wk; my;ytd; vd;Wk; nuz;L Fjpiufs; cs;sd (gpuhzd;, mghdd;, nilfiy gpA;fiy

வீசிப் பிடிக்கும் விரகறி வாரில்லை

And those persons (horses) are stopping  ( those mouth place tying rode to controle horse)way and then controlling it and that cunningness is no one knows
mitfisf; fothsk; nl;L mlf;Fjw;Fhpa R{H;r;rpia mwpfpd;wdh; mtUs; xUtUk; ny;iy

கூரிய நாதன் குருவின் அருள்பெற்றால்

Those gnaana knowledge leader is guru whose grace way and that cunningness is knowing way controlling it
mwpt[j; jiytdhd FUtpd; mUshy; mr;R{H;r;rpia mwpe;J mjd; tHp mlf;fpdhy;

Om thiru chitram balam

So many religious doctrines

Those yulagaayuthaa religions

Those boothaas are four in number land water fire and wind ( they will not accept that space is one bootha because it is not  physical form). Because of that four vast forces are mingling themselves so that this land is created and then those four boothaas are separation way this land is destroyed. So to do this act there is no principal required. So their conclusion is there is no god in this world (atheistic approach) (materialist approach)

Buthaa religion

If one seed is destroyed way those sprouting from seed appears. In the same way one destruction yet another matter appears in this world. And those production and destruction is every second continuous ly happening in this world auto mattically. Sothere is no principlal is required to do this act. In that way butha religion preaches to this world. So there is no god. After the death of buthaa two sects emerged from bythaa religion they are heena yaanam maagaayaanam. On sect lord butha is himself god so that butha statue is prayed by them

Samanareligion established by mahaa veerer

There is existing and non-existing there is two mannerism oneness form exising. So those mannerism way  anfd that existing way this world auto matically appeared and then after some period of time thos world is destroyed by that non existing theory way. This nature . so there is not principlal required to do this act

Eeaagaanma vaathiyars- yooger –saangiyar

Ant those twenty foure concepts above there is no maya act

Eeagaanma vaathies

Those maayaas are not determinable one so from that things are appeared and disappeared and those acts are inclusive one

Those one sect of buthaas

Maaya  itself way those tings are created so there is no god required to do it

September 27, 2021

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