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Lord siva carrying those bone and skull garland

7.. எலும்பும் கபாலமும்
Lord siva carrying those bone and skull garland

rptd; vYk;g[k; fghyKk; Ve;jpapUe;jhu;
எலும்புங் கபாலமும் ஏந்தி எழுந்த
And those big yooli time those dead persons bones and then skull is carried by lord Siva
bgUk; gpusa fhyj;jpy; nwe;jhuJ vYk;g[fs; kz;il Xl;ila[k; Ve;jpa rptbgUkhd;
வலம்பன் மணிமுடி வானவ ராதி
And those way appearing that vining force will propagate that lord siva is leader to all other deevaas
mt;thW fhl;rp mspf;fpd;w btw;wpg;ghL mtd; Bjth;fs; gyu;f;Fk; Kjy;td; Mfpaij tpsf;Fk;
எலும்புங் கபாலமும் ஏந்தில நாகில்
And those crown adorned thirumal and other deevaas bones are adorned as garaland way and then those skull garlnd is intrinsically not adorned and then
kzp Ko jhpj;j jpUkhy; Kjyhd Bjth;fs; tothd vYk;iga[k; mwpt[ vd;w kz;il Xl;ila[k; R{f;Fkkhfj; jhA;ftpy;iy vd;why;
எலும்புங் கபாலமும் இற்றுமண் ணாமே
And then in the next birth and those people’s old appearance and knowledge will appear that there is no connectivity way
mLj;j gpwtpf;F tUk;BghJ kf;fsJ giHa totKk; mwpt[k; bjhlh;g[ ny;yhJ Bgha;tpLk;

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