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don’t disgrace lord siva

ganesheit September 27, 2021

21.. சிவ நிந்தை.
don’t disgrace lord siva


rptid epe;jpj;jtu; bfLtu;

தெளிவுறு ஞானத்துச் சிந்தையின் உள்ளே

Lord siva’s those sacred appearance truth and then those gaana filled books and then in the sacred temple place conducting festivals are comparable form seen and then got those Cristal clear gaana knowledge
rptbgUkhd; jpUf;Bfhyj;jpd; cz;ikfisa[k; E]y;fisa[k; jpUf;Bfhapy;fs; mtw;wpy; epfGk; tpHhf;fs; Kjypatw;iw xg;g[Behf;fp mjdhy; bjspt[ bgw;w qhdj;ij cilauha;

அளிவுறு வார்அம ராபதி நாடி

And that love filled prsons will be deevaa form dwelling upper world ultimatly
cs;sj;jpy; md;g[ kpfg; bgWBthu; gpd;dh;j; Bjtuhth;

எளியனென்று ஈசனை நீசர் இகழில்

But those low graded people are cursing lord siva is adorned bone garlan and skin dress and ashes and then those white skull garland and then dancing in the burial ground and then skull carried in the hand place and then going for begging food and those above things are seeing way and then lord siva is considered as sub lord way
mt;thW ny;yhj fPH;kf;fs; rptbgUkhid vYk;g[Bjhy;, rhk;gy;, btz;jiy Kjypatw;iw mzpe;J RLfhl;oy; MLjy; jiyXl;il Ve;jp nuj;jy; Kjypatw;iw Behf;fpr; rpWbja;tkhff; fUjp nfH;e;jhy;

கிளியொன்று பூஞையால் கீழது வாகுமே.

And those cursing act will be one parrot is going to nearby that cat and then fallen prey to it
mr;bray; fpsp xd;W jhBd g{idapd; mUfpy; brd;W mfg;gl;L epd;wJ Bghy;tjhfptpLk;


fhkj;jpy; MH;e;j BjtUk; mRuUk; niwtid mwpahu;

And those lust place fallen that deevaas and asuras are not known lord siva
முளிந்தவர் வானவர் தானவர் எல்லாம்

And those rock form of dried minded devas and asuraas and then all others are
fy;Bghy; cyh;e;j Bjtu;fSk; mRuh;fSk; Mfpa midtUk;

விளிந்தவர் மெய்ந்நின்ற ஞானம் உணரார்

Who are spoilt by lust feeling ad those persons are lord siva athoo face form appearing and that true matter  is not realized by them
fhkj;jpdhy; bfl;Lg;Bghdth;fs; Mth; mth;fs; clk;gpy; mBjhKfj;jpy; tpsA;Fk; cz;ikg; bghUis mth;fs; czukhl;lhu;fs;

அளிந்தமுது ஊறிய ஆதிப் பிரானைத்

And then love form melted and those nectar form oozing out and that good old lord siva
md;ghy; frpe;J mKjk; Bghy; Ruf;Fk; Mjp vk;bgUkhid

தளிந்தவர்ககு அல்லது தாங்கஒண் ணாதே.

Those persons who are conserved way consumed it and that persons only realized lord siva
cly; vA;Fk; Bjf;fp cz;lth;f;Bf my;yhky; jhA;f nayhjJ MFk;


tpisahl;lhft[k; niwtid epe;jpf;ff; TlhJ

Even those play way lord Siva should not be teased
அப்பகை யாலே அசுரரும் தேவரும்

And those deevaas and asuraas are teased lord siva
mRuUk; BjtUk; niwth; epe;jidahy;

நற்பகை செய்து நடுவே முடிந்தனர்

So there is not removable form of enmity created way and then do not get upliftment inlife and then perished in midway
jPuhj gifia bfhz;L ca;t[bgwhky; nilapy; mHpe;jdh;

எப்பகை யாகிலும் எய்தார் இறைவனைப்

Those lord siva place creating that enmity and then they will not attain lord siva
niwthplk; vt;tifapy; gif bfhz;lhYk; mtid miltJ vd;gJ nayhJ

பொய்ப்பகை செய்யினும் ஒன்றுபத் தாமே.

And then those fake way enemy form seeing then those bad deeds will one is converted as ten times
niwtidg; Bghypahf BtDk; gif bfhz;lhYk; jPik xd;W gj;jhFk;


ehBk gpukk; vd;gtu; niwtid vz;zhky; nfH;tu;

Those who are thinking themselves as bharamam and that persons are not thinking lord siva and the tease him
போகமும் மாதர் புலவி அதுநினைந்து

And those ladies inter course place those attachment is not given up
kfsph; nd;gj;jpy; gw;W ePA;fhikahy;

ஆகமும் உள்கலந்து அங்குஉள ராதலில்

And those happiness and soft form of angry is thinking and those bosom and thinking place mixed form appearing those person you are
nd;gj;ija[k; Cliya[k; epide;J khu;gpYk;, rpe;ijapYk; fye;J cs;sth; MjyhYk;

வேதிய ராயும் விகிர்தன்நாம் என்கின்ற

And those veethaa chanting right possessed way they are got the name veetiyar and those name got some persons are
Btjj;ij XJk; chpik bgw;wikahy; Btjpah; vd;w bgau; bgw;w rpyu;

நீதியுள் ஈசன் நினைப்பொழி வாரே.

Are not praying lord siva but other sub deities are praying way and then motivated way standing there
rptbgUkhid tHpgl epidahky; gpw bja;tA;fis tHpgLjypy; Kide;J epw;gh;

Om thiru chitram balam

September 27, 2021

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