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And those pranava place merged


gpuztj;jpy; bghUe;Jjy;

And those pranava place merged
இருநிதி யாகிய எந்தை யிடத்து

Those living beings are those capital form appearing that life wind called axygen is helping that two types of wealth way (sanga nithi pathuma nithi way), and those two nasal place moving that wind
caph;fspd; thH;ehSf;F Kjyha; cs;s gpuhztha[ caph;fSf;F nuz;L epjp (rA;fepjp, gJkepjp) Bghy cjt[fpd;w

இருநிதி வாயு இயங்கு நெறியில்

And then those lord Siva place appearing that grace in dynamic way helping
niwtdJ jpUmUsplj;J naA;Fk; epiy cz;lhapd;

இருநூற்று முப்பத்து மூன்றுடன் அஞ்சாய்

And those 21600 heart beat count way deveated and then those 238 way reduced
m@J nUgj;J xuhapuj;J mWE]W vd;Dk; fzf;fpid tpl;L nUE]w;W Kg;gj;J vl;L vd;Dk; epiyia mila[k;

இருநிதி வாயு இயங்கும் எழுத்தே

And that wealth way appearing that breathing wind and those pranavam place existing
bry;tkha; tpsA;Fk; }r;Rf; fhw;W gpuztj;jpy; elf;Fk;


}yhjhuj;jPBa Bgbuhsp

Those prime focal place appearing that fire is that big light
எழுகின்ற சோதியுள் நாயகி தன்பால்

And those yoga meditation way appearing and that light place realizing that sakthi and those aanjai place and then that sulu tip way
Bahff; fhl;rpapy; Bjhd;Wfpd;w xspaplj;jpy; mwpag;gLk; rf;jpapdJ nlkhfpa Mq;iqapy; (RGKid tHpBa)

எழுகின்ற வாயு இடமது சொல்லில்

And those oxygen gas appearing and then approaching and those prime place is existing that fire heat raised upward                                  
gpuhz tha[ miltjdhy; csthFk; epiyar; brhy;Yk; nlj;J }y Mjhuj;jpy; cs;s mf;fpdp Bky; vGe;J

எழுநூற் றிருபத் தொன்பா னதுநாலாய்

And then those 729 nadies are in between appearing that four focal points place connecting way appearing
vGE]w;W nUgj;J xd;gJ ehofs; nilapy; cs;s ehd;F MjhuA;fspYk; bjhlh;g[ gl;L epw;f

எழுந்துடன் அங்கி இருந்ததிவ் வாறே

And then in that way those whole body place spread over form appearing
mtw;wpd; tHp clk;bgA;Fk; gutpepw;Fk;


}r;Rf; fhw;W epd;W tpLk;

Those nose wind stoping way
ஆறது கால்கொண் டிரதம் விளைத்திடும்

And those moon daily progression of sixth day nerothini power and those fore head above place put in meditation and then fumes like color will started to appear
re;jpu fiyfSs; Mwhk; fiyahd epBuhjpdp rj;jpia bew;wpapd; Bky; ghfj;jpy; jpahdpj;jhy; g[if Bghd;w epwk; Bjhd;wj; bjhlA;Fk;

ஏழது கால்கொண் டிரட்டி இறக்கிட

And then those seventh day moon is multiplying way and then those yooagi will experience twise amount of happiness giving and then afterwards
VHhk; re;jpu fiyiag; bgUf;fp Bahfpia nuz;L klA;F Mde;jj;jpy; MHr;bra;a[k; bra;J

எட்டது கால்கொண் டிடவகை .(1). யொத்தபின்

And then those eighth place sound place those mind thinking wand then left away and then those realizing state place oneness way
vl;lhk; nlkhd ehjj;jpy; kdk; vz;Ztij tpl;L czh;jy; vd;w epiyapy; xd;wpa BghJ

ஒன்பது மாநிலம் ஒத்தது வாயுவே

And those ninth place those skthi state place those body is activating way and that wing will submerged
.(1). ஏற்றபின்
xd;gjhk; epiyahd rj;jp fiyapy; cliy naf;fp te;j }r;Rf;fhw;W mlf;Fk;


rptkhFk; Bahfp

Those Siva form appearing that yooagi

Moon staus are 16 in number , they are agarm, yugaram , magaram, vinthu , artha santhiran, nirooathini, naatham, naathaantham, sathi, viyaabini viyooma roobini,aganthai anaathai, annaa kuruthai, samanai ,yunn mani
சந்திரன் சூரியன் தற்பரன் தாணுவிற்

And those moon state of left nasal way flowing wing and then that sun state of right side nasal wind and then in the lord siva’s hair place appearing
re;jpufiy vdg;gLfpd;w nlJ ehof; fhw;Wk; R{upaf;fiy vdg;gLfpd;w tyehof; fhw;Wk; rptdJ jpUKoapBy

சந்திரன் தானுந் தலைப்படுந் தன்மையைச்

That curved moon wy appearing that para gaana form appearing that sacred grace is clubbed way appearing mannerism
cs;s re;jpuf;fiy vdg;gLfpd;w guqhdkhfpa jpUmUSk; xd;wha; epw;fpd;w jd;ikia

சந்தியி லேகண்டு தானாஞ் சகமுகத்

And then those all vibration points are mingling that anjai place existing way seeing and those sacred grace form apearing
midj;J ehofSk; TLfpd;w nlkhfpa Mq;iqapBy tpsA;ff; fz;L mj;jpUmUBsahfp epw;ghd;

துந்திச் சமாதி யுடையொளி யோகியே

And then this world activities are thrown away and those motionless form of those Siva samaathi state attained and those siva gaana attained yogi is realized that sulu tip top place and then those place repeated way realized and those siva nature will attain
cyfpaiy mwBt xJf;fpj; js;spr; rptrkhjp xd;iwBa cila rptqhd BahfpBa RGKid cr;rpapy; czh;e;J czh;e;J rptk; vd;w jd;ikia milthd;


Bahfpau; mwptd

Those yoogies are realizing things
அணங்கற்ற மாதல் அருஞ்சன நீவல் 

And those wife turn away and then those children and other relatives are kept away
kidtpiaj; Jwj;jy; kf;fs; Kjypa gpw Rw;wj;ija[k; Jwj;jy;

வணங்குற்ற கல்விமா ஞான மிகுத்தல்

And then those lord siva’s praying way giving calmness those books knowledge multiplying way enhancing

rptid tHpgLfpd;w gzpitj;jUk; E]y; mwpt[ kpFjy;
.(1). சுணங்குற்ற வாயர் சித்திதூரங் கேட்டல்

and then those dump form seated siva yoogies place who are attained that those para sithiees are hearing from them
tha; BgrhjpUf;Fk; rptBahfpfs; mile;Js;s gurpj;jpfis mthplk; Bfl;ly;

நுணங்கற் றிரோதல்கால் வேகத்து நுந்தலே

And those world attacking way that mind is not deviated from siva’s thinking, and then those praana yaama meditation is easily performing

cyfpay; jhf;Fjyhy; cs;sk; jpupt[glhJ nUj;jy; gpuhzahkj;ij vspjhfr; bra;jy;

(1). சிணண்-குற்ற வாயர் சித்திதாண்- கேட்டல்


Bahfpau; mwptd (bjhlu;r;rp)

Those yoogies are knowing things
மரணஞ் .(1). சரைவிடல் வண்பர காயம்

Those death and old age is bypassing way and then other’s body place entering and that capacity is attained
nwg;g[ }g;g[ Mfpatw;iwf; flj;jy;, may; clypy; g[Fk; Mw;wiyg; bgWjy;

இரணஞ் சேர்பூமி இறந்தோர்க் களித்தல்

And then those golden world given to that dead persons and that capacity possessing way appearing
bghd; cyfj;ij nwe;jtUf;F mspf;Fk; ty;yik bgWjy;

அரணன் .(2). திருவுற வாதன்மூ வேழாங்

And then those lord siva’s sacred appearance possessing way and that ten natures way
.(3). கரனுறு கேள்வி கணக்கறிந் தோனே

And those hand place appearing that wealth wayby inquiry way and those yoogaa books are well learnt person will attain

rptdJ jpUcUitj; jhd; bgWjy; vd;Dk; gj;J nay;g[fisa[k;
.(1). சிறைவிடல்
.(2). திருவுரு
.(3). கரணுறு


gad; milgtu; bray;

Those benefits are attained persons activities
ஓதம் ஒலிக்கும் உலகை வலம்வந்து

And those sea covered world is encircling way moving
flyhy; R{Hg;gl;l ne;j cyfj;ij tykha; Rw;wp te;J

பாதங்கள் நோவ நடந்தும் பயனில்லை

And then those legs are aching y those meditation travelling doing way no benefits will be attained
fhy; tUj;jk; milaj; jtahj;jpiu bra;tjhy; gad; VJk; cz;lhtjpy;iy

காதலில் அண்ணலைக் காண இனியவர்

And then those love way seen lord siva and those happiness attained
md;g[ld; niwtidf; fz;L nd;gj;ij milgth;

நாதன் இருந்த நகரறி வாரே.

And then those leader all the places available in that way thinking and then all the benefits are attaining
jiytd; vA;Fk; nUf;fpd;whd; vd epide;J tHpgl;Lg; gad; milth;


ehjd; nUf;Fkplk;

Those lord dwelling place
மூல முதல்வேதா மாலரன் முன்னிற்கக்

And that mageswarn below those sub lords are bharama thirumal and ruthiran all the three are
kBfRuDf;Ff; fPH; mad;khy; cUj;jpud; vd;Dk; }tUk;

கோலிய ஐம்முகன் கூறப் பரவிந்து 

And then those forehead to head top place spread over form appearing that five faces are possessed that sathaasivan
mjw;FBky; bew;wp Kjy; jiy cr;rp tiu gue;Js;s rpt mk;rkhd Ie;J Kfk; rjhrptDk;

சாலப் பரநாதம் விந்துத் தனிநாதம்

And those sathaa siva state above place appearing that paravinthu form appearing that paranaatham
rjhrpt epiyf;FBky; cs;s gutpe;J bgUik cila guehjKk;

பாலித்த சத்தி பரைபரன் பாதமே

And those naathaa sound crossing way those grace is giving those Siva sakthi appearance it is
ehjhe;jKk; fle;J mUs; tHA;Fk; rptrf;jpapd; tothk;


mstw;w Mde;jk; cz;lhFk;

And those not measurable amount of happiness enjoyed
ஆதார யோகத் ததிதே வொடுஞ்சென்று

Those prime focal points and then other six points are, and then there available those gods are in the mediation darment way prayed and then those benefits are attained way and then surpassed it
}y Mjhuk; Kjyhf MW MjhuA;fisa[k; mtw;wpy; cs;s flt[siuj; jpahd rkhjpahy; tHpgl;Lg; gad;bgWkhw;why; fle;J

மீதான தற்பரை மேவும் பரனொடு

And ten those head above place 12 inches approaching and then those paravinthu and then para naatham place those grace is attained way and then with that grace
mtw;wpw;F Bky; epuhjhukhfpa cr;rpKjy; gd;dpbuz;L mA;Fyj;ij mile;J gutpe;J guehjA;fspd; mUs;bgw;W mt;thw;why;

மேதாதி யீரெண் கலைசெல்ல மீதொளி

And then those meathai and  pranava kalai 16 are surpassing way and then moved above place
Bkij Kjypa gpuzt fiy gjpdhWk; flf;fg;gl;ldtha;, tpl mjw;FBky; bry;yt[k;

ஓதா அசிந்தமீ தானந்த யோகமே

And then not even thinking way those meethaanam place of thuvaatha santham place 12 inches above place and then that prama Sivan is attained way and then standing there is called happiness form of yoogaa
epidf;ft[k; thuhj kPjhdkhfpa Jthj rhe;jj;jpy; gd;dpbuz;L mA;Ftj;jpw;F mg;ghy; gukrptid mile;J epw;wBy Mde;j BahfkhFk;


gpuztj;jhy; tPL bgwyhk;

With pranava way you may attain mukthi
மதியமும் ஞாயிறும் வந்துடன் கூடித்

And those moon region of left nasal wind and sun region form in the right nasal place emanating those wind is submerged in the sulu tip place where allowed to mingle there
re;jpuf; fiyahfpa nlJ ehof; fhw;Wk; r{upaf; fiyahfpa tyehof; fhw;Wk; xLA;fpr; RGKidapy; te;J bghUe;jr; bra;J

துதிசெய் பவரவர் தொல்வா னவர்கள் 

And then those breathing exercise place standing way and those focal point place dwelling gods are praying and then praising that general saints and then not going into upper world but in this land standing way those happiness is enjoyed
thrpBahfj;jpy; epd;W MjhuA;fspy; cs;s flt[siug; Bghw;Wfpd;w bghJBahfpfs; Bky; cyfj;jpy; my;yf; flt[suha; epd;W nd;gk; Efh;th;

விதியது செய்கின்ற மெய்யடி யார்க்குப்

And then those lord Siva is realizing and those rules are meticulously followed and then grace yoogam and then happiness yoogam are performing and those true saints alone
rptid czh;jyhfpa tpjpKiwikapy; tGthJ epd;W mUs; Bahfk; Mde;j BahfA;fisr; bra;fpd;w cz;ik Bahfpfl;Bf

பதியது காட்டும் பரமன்நின் றானே

And then those ever permanent form of mukthi showing lord parama siva will stand before him
epiyahd tPL Bgw;iwf; fhl;Lk; gukrptd; Kd; epw;ghd;


vkd; thuhd;

Those death god ema will not approach
பொட்டெழக் குத்திப் பொறியெழத் தண்டிட்டு

And then those top head hole place lashing way and then those five sense organs stimulations are kept away and then those sulu tip place
cr;rpj;Jisapy; BkhJk;go bra;J Ik;bghwp mwpt[ ePA;fpa RGKidapBy

.(2). நட்டறி வார்க்கு நமனில்லை தானே

And then those head place standing way dancing lord Siva is known those saints to whom death god ema will not approach
epd;W mA;F elk; g[upa[k; rptid mwpe;jpUg;gtUf;F vkd; ny;iy

கட்டவல் லார்கள் .(1). கரந்தெங்குந் தானாவர்

And then those oxygen is tied with in the body and then all the places concealed form appearing in this world
caph;igf; fl;lty;yth;fs; vA;Fk; kiwe;J epd;W vA;Fk; nUf;f ty;yth;fs;

மட்டவிழ் தாமரை யுள்ளே மணஞ்செய்து 

And then those honey filled lotus flower form of swathistaanam prime focal place those connectivity is established way
.(1). கலந்தெண்-குந்
.(2). நட்டிடு
Bjd;kpf;f jhkiuahfpa Rthjpl;lhdk; }yhjhuj;jpy; Brh;f;ifia cz;L gz;zp

om thiru chitram balam

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