OM THIRU CHITRAMBALAM In this first Thirupathigam we need not do anything except praising the saints and live noble life




The specialty of philanthropist act

ganesheit September 20, 2021

15.. தானச் சிறப்பு

The specialty of philanthropist act

kw;wth;f;Ff; bfhLj;J cz;z Btz;Lk;
ஆர்க்கும் இடுமின் அவாவர் என்னன்மின்

Ant those dharma acts are doing person you are, who ever requires some thing from you so you may give them without thinking that good or bad people
mwk; bra;jypy; tpUg;gk; cilath;fBs vtuhapDk; mth;f;F bfhLA;fs; nth; ey;yth; nth; jPath; vd vz;zhjPh;fs;

பார்த்திருந்து உண்மின் பழம்பொருள் போற்றன்மின்

And those relatives are approaching you and then take foof with them. And then those useless good thinge need not be preserved for ever
tUk; tpUe;ij vjph;ghh;j;J mtUld; To cz;ZA;fs; gHk; bghUisg; Bghw;wpf; fhthjPh;fs;

வேட்கை உடையீர் விரைந்தொல்லை உண்ணன்மின்

And those lust feeling are possessing in this life and upper life so you need not fast way swallow food
nk;ik kWikapy; Btl;if cilatBu kpf tpiuthf cz;z Btz;lh

காக்கை கரைந்துண்ணும் காலம் அறிமினே. 1

And those crows are taking food it will call other crows and than take food that message you may realize it
fhf;iffs; cz;Zk; BghJ kw;wf;fhfA;fis miHj;J cz;gij mwpe;J bfhs;SA;fs;

September 20, 2021

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