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The specialty of face

ganesheit September 20, 2021

14.. வானச் சிறப்பு

The specialty of face

Rain water way growing the food


kiHBa cyifj; jsph;f;fr; bra;a[k;
அமுதூறு மாமழை நீரத னாலே

And those not dried up those oasis water source way those big rain pouring in this world and that rain water
tw;whj mKj Cw;Wg;Bghyf; fue;J bghHpfpd;w bghpa kiHePuhBy

அமுதூறும் பன்மரம் பார்மிசை தோற்றும்

And those benefits are giving so many trees are naturally appeared in this land place and then rowing
gad; fhf;fpd;w gy kuA;fs; naw;ifahf epyj;jpy; Bjhd;wp tsh;tdthk;

கமுகூறு தெங்கு கரும்பொடு வாழை

And then after wards those artificial way growing that beetle nuts and good sweet water giving coconut trees sugar cane panana and other plants are
ndp cHtuhy; gapug;gLfpd;w fKF ndpa ePiuj; jUfpd;w bjd;id, fUk;g[, thiH Kjypadt[k;

அமுதூறுங் காஞ்சிரை ஆங்கது வாமே. 1

And that rain water way much food is giving to this world beings and then in addition those etti like poison trees are also appeared by this rain water
me;j kiHapdhBy kf;fl;F epuk;gpa czitj; jUtdthFk; BkYk; vl;o Bghd;w eq;R kuA;fSk; mk;kiHaha; Bjhd;wpadthFk;


thd fA;ifapd; nay;g[
வரையிடை நின்றிழி வான்நீர் அருவி

And then those lord siva’s head hair place flooded way descending that upper world ganges
rpurhd kiyapdpd;Wk; bgUfp tUk; xspkakhd thd fA;if

உரையில்லை உள்ளத் தகத்துநின் றூறும்

And those ganges glory is propagating and that way no wards are the space region place love way oozing out
ciug;gjw;Fr; brhy; ny;iy mJ kz;lyj;jpy; md;gpdhy; CWk;

நுரையில்லை மாசில்லை நுண்ணிய தெண்ணீர்

And that wayer is not mixed with land sothere is no foams are appearing there and there is no dirty n that water so it is clean water
gpujptpf; fyg;g[ nd;ikahy; Eiu ny;iy mGf;F ny;yhjjhy; bjspthd ePh;

கரையில்லை எந்தை கழுமணி யாறே. 2

And those clean water will remove all form of sin and that ganges river is broad form appearing so there is no boundary to it
ve;ijahd ghtA;fisg; Bghf;Fk; MW mfz;lJ Mjyhy; mjw;Ff; fiu ny;iy vk;bgUkhd; bghHpfpd;w jpUmUs; Mfpa bts;sk;

Om thiru chitram balam

September 20, 2021

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