OM THIRU CHITRAMBALAM In this first Thirupathigam we need not do anything except praising the saints and live noble life




Nature of Siva aananthaa

ganesheit September 20, 2021

rpthde;jj;jpd; nay;g[
Nature of Siva aananthaa
தத்துவம் நீக்கி மருள்நீக்கித் தானாகிப்
This soul are and then this land to sound end form of those concepts are standing there and those nature not knowing way. And that state is first removed and then those material soulless form of seen are differentiated way and then this soul is ever permanent form and that fainting are removed and then converted as Sivam form
capuhdJ epy Kjy; ehjk; Nwhfpa jj;JtA;fis jhdha;j; jd;ik mwpahJ epw;Fk; epiyia Kjy; fz; ePf;fp mjidg; gpd;dh; rlkhfpa jj;JtA;fspd; Btwhff; fz;l caph; ahd; rpj;jhfpa gpukBk vd kaA;Fk; kaf;fj;ija[k; Bghf;fpr; rptkhfr; bra;J
பொய்த்தவம் நீக்கிமெய்ப் போகத்துட் போகியே
And those lust filled meditations are removing way and those flawless form of happiness enjoying this soul and then Siva happiness giving place submerged way
fhkpaj; jtA;fisf; iftplg;gz;zp nd;gj;ijj; J]a;g;gjhfpa mt;caph; nd;gj;ijf; bfhLg;gjhfpa rptMde;jj;jpd;ghy; brd;W mlA;fp
மெய்த்த சகமுண்டு விட்டுப் பரானந்தச்
And then happiness way placed and then and those body place standing those happiness and sorrow is exhausted way ane that fate way thinking
nd;g[w itj;J clk;g[ cs;s Jiza[k; epw;gjhfpa ne;j cyfj;jpd; nd;g Jd;g Efh;r;rpia cly; CHhf Efh;e;J fHpj;J
சித்திய தாக்கும் சிவானந்தத் தேறலே. 11
And then this bodies span of life came to an end and then those ever permanent form of happiness will be appeared in this world
clk;g[ ePA;fpa gpd;dh;g; Bguh nd;gg; bgUthH;thfpa gu Kf;jpiaj; jiyg;glr; bra;a[k;
rpj;jpfis tpUk;g[th; mwpit nHg;ghu;
Those special powers are liked and that persons will lost their real knowledge
யோகிகள் கால்கட்டி ஒண்மதி ஆனந்தப்
And then those monks are controlled those oxygen circulating with in the body place and then from it emanated that kundalini is raised upward and then placed in the fore head place and those moon region place oozing those nectar
cz;ik Bahfpah; vd;gth; gpuhz tha[itj; jLj;J mjdhy; vGk; }yf;fdyhy; g[Ut eLtpy; cs;s re;jpu kz;lyj;jpy; CWk;
போத அமுதைப் பொசித்தவர் எண்சித்தி
And those gaana knowledge developing those nectar is consuming and that Siva aanantha honey will emanating those happiness
mwpit tsh;f;fpd;w ndpa mKjj;ij cz;gtBu me;j mKjk; rpthde;jj; Bjwypd; nr;ir cz;lhFk;
மோகியர் கள்ளுண்டு மூடராய் மோகமுற்று
And those others who are willingness filled way consumed those toddy water
nr;ir cilauha;f; fs;is cz;L kaf;fk; cw;W
ஆகும் மதத்தால் அறிவழிந் தாரே. 12
And then from it emanated those fainting way and then perished their real knowledge
me;j kaf;fj;jhy; vGk; cd;kj;jk; cilauha; mwptHpfpd;wdh;
gpuhzd; bry;Yk; tHpia mwpe;J bfhs;SA;fs;
Those oxygen moving way know it
உண்ணீர் அமுத முறும் ஊறலைத்திறந்து
And those internal body place emanating those light form of oasis is not opening way people are not enjoying it
rhit khw;Wk; xspa{w;iwj; jpwe;J mDgtpf;fkhl;Oh;
எண்ணீர் குரவன் இணையடித் தாமரை
and those guru teacher sacred feet is not thinking way not standing there
rptFUehjdpd; jpUtoia vz;zp epw;fkhl;Oh;
நண்ணீர் சமாதியின் நாடிநீ ரால்நலம்
And those meditation passive state those Lord siva’s light place you are not mingled. And those water flooded way emanating those goodness
rkhjpapBy rptg; Bgbuhspia tpUk;gpg; bghUe;jkhl;Oh; mUs; ePh;g; bgUf;fhy; ed;ik mspf;Fk;
கண்ணாற் றொடேசென்று கால்வழி காணுமே. 13
and then those eye place those light is garbing way and those oxygen moving way may be knowing ( and those body light place moving and then seeing that head place appearing that wind inhaling and exhaling is seen by us
fz;zpd; fhupakhd xspbewp gw;wpg; Bgha;g; gpuhzd; BghFk; tHpia mwpe;J bfhs;SA;fs; (mfj;jpy; Bjhd;Wk; xsptHpBa brd;why; jiyapy; Rthrk; g[FtJk; BghtJk; fhzyhk;)
முதல் தந்திரம் முற்றிற்று
om thiru chitrambalam

September 20, 2021

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