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Lord siva is three forms form appearing

ganesheit September 20, 2021

  1. rptbgUkhBd ehd;Kfd; Kjypa }tu;
    Lord siva is three forms form appearing
    பரத்திலே ஒன்றாய் உள் ளாய்ப்புற மாகி
    Lord siva not mingled with any other thing and that separate higher place single prime form appearing and then from that state coming down and that general state those all the things place those internal and external place filled form appearing
    rptbgUkhd; xd;BwhLk; xl;lhJ jdpj;J epw;Fk; Bky; epiyapy; xUtBdaha; me;j epiyapy; nUe;J tUjyhfpa bghJepiyapy; vy;yhg; bghUs;fspYk; cs;Sk; g[wKk; epiwe;J epw;gtdha;
    வரத்தினுள் மாயவ னாய்அய னாகித்
    And then those thirumal and bharama and other unique way appearing
    jpUkhy;, gpuk;kd; Kjypa xd;gJ epiyfis cilatdhfpa[k;
    தரத்தினுள் தான்பல தன்மைய னாகிக்
    And then those souls differences way and those other states are possessing way
    caph;fspd; jFjp BtWghl;ow;F Vw;g kw;Wk; gy;BtW epiyfis cilatd; Mfpa[k;
    கரத்தினுள் நின்று கழிவுசெய் தானே. 9
    And those way in that sacred grace place standing and those living beings place appearing that attachments are removing way and the put his on them
    nt;thW vy;yhk; jdJ jpUmUs; xd;wpBy epd;W caph;fl;Fg; ghrj;ijg; Bghf;fp mUSfpd;whd;
  2. rptBd rjhrptd;
    Lord siva is sathaasiva
    தானொரு கூறு சதாசிவன் எம்மிறை
    And then my lord Siva is in one form sathaasivamoorthi way existing and those satiyaatheethai art place standing way and those place dwelling way appearing
    vk; flt[shfparptbgUkhd; jhBdxUTw;wpy; rjhrpt}u;j;jpaha; re;jpahjPijvd;Wk; xUfiya[s; epd;WmjidBajd; nlkhff; bfhz;LnUf;fpd;whd;
    வானொரு கூறு மருவியும் அங்குளான்
    And then in yet another sub part and those soul with in soul way standing and allowed us to know those laya (mingling) Siva form appearing
    kw;bwhUTw;wpy; caph;f;Fcapuha; epd;Wczh;j;Jtjhfpanyarptdha[k; epw;fpd;whd;
    கோனொரு கூறுஉடல் உள்நின்று உயிர்க்கின்ற
    And then yet another sub part way those lust feelings way standing those shadowed form appearing
    gpwpbjhUTw;wpy; ghrA;fspd; tHpepd;Welf;Fk; kiwg;ghw;wyha[k; cs;shd;
    தானொரு கூறு சலமய னாமே. 10
    And then in yet another part those attachments are removing way and those lord Giving those grace power form appearing
    BtWxUTw;wpy; ghrj;ijePf;fpj; jd;idj; jUk; mUs; Mw;wyha[k; nUg;ghd;

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Om thiruchirambalam

September 20, 2021

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