OM THIRU CHITRAMBALAM In this first Thirupathigam we need not do anything except praising the saints and live noble life




Lord Siva in the space place descended and then as per my pervious deeds way who’s true appearance is concealed way

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10ம் திருமுறை
Thirumanthiram those thiru molar blessed form given
திருமந்திரம் (திருமூலர் அருளியது)
முதல் தந்திரம் (112 – 336)
First Thanthiram

  1. உபதேசம்
  2. preaching
  3. ghrk; mWj;jhd;

விண்ணின்று இழிந்து வினைக்கீடாய் மெய்க்கொண்டு
Lord Siva in the space place descended and then as per my pervious deeds way who’s true appearance is concealed way
rptbgUkhd; gukhfhaj;jpy; nUe;;J nwA;fp vd; tpidf;Bfw;w tiffshfj; jdJ cz;ik epiyia khw;wpf; bfhz;L
தண்ணின்ற தாளைத் தலைக்காவல் முன்வைத்து
And those low graded way standing and those sakti (parvathi) is bog protecting form set in and those way functioning form activated this world and those good happiness is giving way and those grace aim is today giving to me

fPH;epiyapy; epd;W rf;jpia vdf;Fk; bgUA;fhtyhf mikj;J elhj;jpj; jdJ xg;gw;w jdpg;Bghpd;gj;ijj; jUk; mUs; Behf;fj;ij nd;W vdf;F mspj;J Xk; ekrptha
உண்ணின்று உருக்கியோர் ஒப்பிலா ஆனந்தக்
And then in my mind place ever permanent form appeared ad then all the time standing there and those love way melting it
vd; cs;sj;jpy; ePA;fhJ epd;W mjid md;gpdhy; frpe;J cUfg;gz;zp
கண்ணின்று காட்டிக் களிம்பறுத் தானே. 1
And then in my part those impurities are completely at root level eradicated
vdJ kyk; KGtija[k; gw;ww ePf;fpdhd;

  1. Brhjpiag; gjpar; bra;jhd;
    Fire glow embedded on my part
    களிம்பறுத் தான்எங்கள் கண்ணுதல் நந்தி
    And those impurities are on my part completely eradicated who is three eyesare possessing lord siva only who also called in the name of nanthideevar
    vd; kyj;ijg; gw;ww ePf;fpatdhfpa bew;wpf; fz;iz cila vA;fs; rptbgUkhd; ee;jp BjtBu
    களிம்பறுத் தான்அருள் கண்விழிப் பித்துக்
    And those above stated way those ego filled mind place those grace filled eye is opening way and those impurities are completely cut off way
    mth; Bky; TwpathW mUs; fz;iz vdf;Fj; jpwg;gpj;J Mdtkykhfpa fspk;ig mWj;J
    களிம்பணு காத கதிரொளி காட்டிப்
    And then those impurities are once again not enter into my mind place and those lord siva’s golden light form allowed me enjoy it
    mf;fspk;g[ kWgoa[k; mZf xz;zhj rptkhfpa khw;bwhspkpf;f bghd;id czh;tpj;J

பளிங்கிற் பவளம் பதித்தான் பதியே. 2
and those marble place those coral light emanating way those act did internally who is ever permanent lord lordsiva and nobody else
gspA;fplj;Jg; gtsj;ijg; Bghy;tbjhU braiyr; bra;jhu; mth; gjpg;bghUBs md;wp Btwy;yu;

  1. gjpapd; nay;g[
    Nature of lord
    பதிபசு பாசம் எனப்பகர் மூன்றில்
    There are three matters are existing in this permanently. They are called in the name of patipasupaasam
    God = pati = lord siva
    Yuir = pasu = soul = jeevan (life existing within the body) jeevaathama
    Paasam == ( thalai ,kattu, bantham) and those souls are tied with materials) thalai means relationship bonds such as father mother brother sisters
    And that pathi alias god is not seen by eyes and those abstract appearance is perpetual appearance form existing in this world (there is no beggning and end) just like

gjpgRghrk; vd;W brhy;yg;gLfpd;w }d;W bghUs;fspy; gjp Bjhw;wk; nd;wp vd;Wk; cs;s bghUs; Mjy; BghyBt
பதியினைப் போற்பசு பாசம் அனாதி
and those pasu alias soul and pasam alias relationship bond all are also no beginning and end in this world but we can see it in visual way (apparent way)
Vidg; gRt[k; ghrKk; Bjhw;wk; nd;wp vd;Dk; cs;s bghUs;fshk;

பதியினைச் சென்றணு காப்பசு பாசம்
So those relationships are got intimacy with this soul but will not enter god place
ghrA;fs; gRitg; gw;WBkad;wpg; gjpaplj;J mZfkhl;lh
பதியணு கிற்பசு பாசம் நில் லாவே. 3
After enjoyment and those distaste emerges in life and then those soul will approach that god place and then will approaching god and those relationship bonds will automatically vanish on our part in tat blessed way informing thiumoolar
gRgjpapdplj;Jk; mZFk; mt;thW mZFk; bghGJ mjidg; gw;wp cs;s ghrA;fs; mjidg; gw;wp epy;yhJ tpl;L ePA;Fk; (vd;W mUspr; bra;jhu;)

  1. cja R{upad; MFk;
    Those sun form appearing
    வேயின் எழுங்கனல் போலேஇம் மெய்யெனும்
    And those bamboo place concealed form appearing that fire while at appropriate time explicit way appearing way and then those nonpermanent form of this body
    }A;fpypy; kiwe;J epd;w jP jhd; btspg;gLk; fhyj;J btspg;gl;L tpsA;Fjy; Bghy epiyaw;wjhfpa ne;j clk;g[ vd;fpd;w
    கோயி லிருந்து குடிகொண்ட கோன்நந்தி
    Where lord siva concealed form dwelling leader,and those lord siva
    BfhapypBy ePA;fhJ Fobfhz;L kiwe;jpUf;fpd;w jiytd;
    Mfpa rptd;
    தாயினும் மும்மலம் மாற்றித் தயாஎன்னும்
    And that way who is much more love showing comparing mother and then gave us those flooded form of happiness to us
    mg;bghGJ mtd; jhad;gpDk; kpf;f BguUs; Mfpa bts;skha[k; epd;W Bghpd;gj;ijj; jUthd;
    தோயம தாய் எழுஞ் சூரிய னாமே. 4
    And those souls are got that ripped state of period and those three impurities of darkness (annavam, kanmam, maayai) are removed and then those sun raising form appeared in the mind place
    Md;khtpd; gf;Ftfhyj;jpy; Kk;ky nUis ePf;fp vGfpd;w R{upadha; btspg;gl;L tpsA;Fthd;
  2. rPtd; tpsf;fk; bgWk;
    Soul got clarity
    சூரிய காந்தமும் சூழ்பஞ்சும் போலவே
    And those geevaathama alias soul which is covered and then concealed those relationship bond and those sun magnetic stone and those stone is covered by cotton like appearing
    $PtDk; mij kiwj;Js;s ghrKk; R{upa fhe;jf; fy;Yk; mjidr; Rw;wp cs;s gq;ira[k; Bghd;wit
    சூரிய காந்தம் சூழ்பஞ்சைச் சுட்டிடா
    And those sun magnetic stone will not burn the cotton
    R{upa fhe;jf;fy; jd;idr; R{H;e;Js;s gq;irr; RlhJ
    சூரியன் சந்நிதி யிற்சுடு மாறுபோல்
    But if you place that sun magnetic stone before sun rays and those rays heated the stone and then after some time much heated way those stone burnt down the cotton and then in the same way
    me;j r{upafhe;jf;fy; fjputd; xspKd;g[ gq;irf; Rl;L vhpg;gJ Bghy;
    சூரியன் தோற்றமுன் அற்ற மலங்களே. 5118.
    Those lord siva in gaana filled teacher form appearing before us and those souls are got the grace of teacher and those souls are bound relationship bonds are removed and then destroyed it
    rptd; qhdhrpupadha; te;jbghGJ gRf;fs; (caph;fs;) me;j FUtpd; mUisg; bgw;Wj; jk;ikg; gpzpj;Js;s ghrA;fis mfd;W xHpar; bra;a[k;
  3. ghrj;ijg; Bghf;fpaUSjy;
    Those relationship bonds are removed and then blessed
    மலங்கள்ஐந் தாமென மாற்றி அருளித்
    And those my ripped state is knowing way and then those five impurities are removing way who has himself gave to me
    vdJ gf;Ftj;ij mwpe;J vdf;F Ie;J kyA;fisa[k; Bghf;fpj; jd;idj; je;J
    தலங்கள்ஐந் தானற் சதாசிவ மான
    And those pure concepts are five in number
    Rj;j jj;JtA;fs; Ie;jpdhYk; jhd;
    புலங்களைந் தான்அப் பொதுவினுள் நந்தி
    And those five types of acts are doing ( creation, preservation, destruction, shadowed and then blessing) and those cocept way on my part avoided and those chitrambalam place dancing lord Siva
    Ie;J bjhHpy; g[hpBthdha; epw;Fk; fUj;ij vd; mstpy; jtph;j;jhd; ahtUk; g[fGk; mk;gyj;Js; MLBthdhfpa rptbgUkhd;
    நலங்களைந் தான்உள் நயந்தான் அறிந்தே. 6
    And then those betterment giving those five letter ward (sivaayanama, namasivaaya, omponnambalam) those ward chanting way who has permanent way dwelling in my mind place
    ed;ikiaj; jUk; jpUIe;J vGj;jhy; vd; cs;sj;Js; ePA;fhJ tpUk;gp epd;whd;
  4. FU cgBjrj;jpd; gad;
    The benefits of teacher preaching
    அறிவுஐம் புலனுட னேநான் றதாகி
    And those lust relationship place trapped those souls are independently functioning way and those matrial knowledge (cause and effect) place trapped way and then not get away from it
    ghrj;jpy; mfg;gl;l caph; MdJ, mwpt[ jhBd bray;gl;L mjdplk; nUe;J tpLglkhl;lhJ
    நெறியறி யாதுற்ற நீர்ஆழம் போல
    Those five sense organs (mouth eye ear nose and skin) and those sensation directed way we are doing acts in this world
    And those relationship bond place tied way appearing this soul which is dipped in the deep water place and then not enter in to that bank place and that state place miserable way appearing those souls
    g[yd; Kjypa braw;ifg; ghrj;jpy; caphpdJ mwpt[ fl;Lz;L ePhpd; MHj;jpy; mkpH;e;J fiuVw mwpahj epiyikiag; Bghy
    அறிவுஅறி வுள்ளே அழிந்தது போலக்
    and those ways and means are not known those liberation ways and that miserable place toiling and moiling
    mtw;wpdpd;Wk; tpLgLk; bewpia mwpahJ nlh;g;gLk;
    குறியறி விப்பான் குருபர னாமே. 7
    And those liberation way is preaching person is gaana teacher who has lift us from the deep water place and then allowed us to enter lord siva’s feet place
    MfBt mjw;F me;bewpia mwptpg;Bghd; ePh; MHj;jpdpd;Wk; vLj;Jf; fiu Vw;wty;yd; Mrphpah;fspd; Bkyhdtdhfpa qhdhrpupaBd
  5. mk;gytd; Ml;lj;jpd; gad;
    The benefit of lord siva’s dancing
    ஆமேவு பால்நீர் பிரிக்கின்ற அன்னம்போல்
    And those cow milk place mingled water is separated that anna bird like
    gRtpd; ghypy; fye;j ePiug; gphpf;Fk; md;dg;gwit
    தாமே தனிமன்றில் தன்னந் தனிநித்தம்
    And that way in the space place dancing that lord siva and those unique form of dancing alone will separate souls from bad deeds ( if you surrender under lords Siva’s feet place as slave way and then those acts are doing before if you chant sevaarpanam and then from it emanated those good and bad deeds are gone lord siva so we are free and simple person in this world)
    mJBghy; rPjhfhag; bgUbtspapy; MLk; mk;gythddpd; xg;gpy;yhj Ml;lBk caph;fs; nlkpUe;J tpidiag; gpupj;JtpLk;
    தீமேவு பல்கர ணங்களுள் உற்றன
    And those bad deeds way and good deeds way emanated from the actions of sense orgaans
    mjdhy; jPik fhuzkhff; fUtp fuzA;fspy; bghUe;jpa g[z;zpaA;fs; vy;yhk;
    தாமேழ் பிறப்பெரி சார்ந்தவித் தாமே. 8
    VGgpwtpfspYk; tWf;fg;gl;l tpijahdJ Kisf;fhjJBghy; gaidj; juhJ
  6. brayw;wpUg;gu; rptBahfpau;

வித்தைக் கெடுத்து வியாக்கிரத் தேமிகச்
And then those guru teacher blessing way those Siva yogam got way and then those bad deeds way got that repeated birth and death is perished way and those guru teacher preaching wards are daily chanting way
FUmUshy; rptBahfk; iftug; bgw;wth;fs; gpwtpf;F tpj;jhfpa rq;rpj fUkj;ij mHpj;J FUehjh; mUspr; bra;j cgBjr bkhHpapBy ciwj;J epd;W
சுத்தத் துரியம் பிறந்து துடக்கற
And those intuition is bounded by the directions of five sense organs
czh;t[ mtw;why; fl;Lz;zhkBy
ஒத்துப் புலனுயிர் ஒன்றாய் உடம்பொடு
But in the body place existing way and then oneness way this body mingled with lord Siva and that time
mtw;wpy; bghUe;jp epw;fr; rptj;BjhL xd;wha; clk;g[ cs;s bghGBj

செத்திட் டிருப்பார் சிவயோகி யார்களே. 9
And those dead person way not seeing this world day today activities but in the fore head center place standing form appeared
brj;jhu; Bghy; cyfj;ij Behf;fhJ g[Ut eLtpBy epw;ghu;fs;
rptqhdBahfj;jpd; }yk; rptByhfk; miljy;

  1. rptuhr Bahfj;jpd; }yk; rptByhfk; miljy;
    With Siva yoogam way enter into Siva logam
    சிவயோக மாவது சித்தசித் தென்று
    Those sivayooam means those permanent matter (knowledgeable things) and those non permanent things way classified by meditation ( sith means lord, asith means perishable things in this world)
    rptBahfk; vd;gJ mit rpj;Jk; bghUs;fs; (mwpt[g; bghUs;fs;) mit mrpj;Jg; bghUs;fs; (mwptw;w bghUs;fs;) vd;W tpBtfj;jhy; mwpe;J (rpj;J niwtidf; Fwpf;Fk; mrpj;J vd;gJ cyfj;ija[k; Fwpf;Fk;)
    தவயோகத் துள்புக்குத் தன்னொளி தானாய்
    And those meditation way siva raja yoogaa is known and then whereexisting that Siva light place penetrated nd then stand there
    rpurhy; Bgha; mila[k; rptuh$Bahfj;ij mwpe;J mA;F fhzg;gLk; rptxspa[s; g[Fe;J epd;W
    அவயோகஞ் சாராது அவன்பதி போக
    And those short term benefits are giving that those yoogaa way is not following and that lord siva’s space place
    BtW tifahd jPik mspf;Fk; Bahfj;ij Bkw;bfhs;shky; mtd; jd; gjpahd gukhfha
    நவயோக நந்தி நமக்களித் தானே. 10
    And those region place standing and then getting upliftment way and that lord siva is called in the name of nathiyamperumaan who has given us that friendship status
    kz;lyj;jpy; epd;W ca;a[khW ee;jpbghUkhd; BjhHik bewpia ekf;F mspj;jdd; kd;wj;jpy; MLk; bgUkhd; qhdj;jpidj; je;J mUspdhu;
    Om thiruchitrambalm

September 20, 2021

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