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10ம் திருமுறை
Thirumoolar blessed form given
Second thanthiram(337 to548
திருமந்திரம் (திருமூலர் அருளியது)
இரண்டாம் தந்திரம் (337 – 548)

  1. அகத்தியம்


rPtu;fs; nUf;f Btz;oa nlk;
Those souls are to be dwelling place
நடுவுநில் லாதிவ் வுலகஞ் சாந்து
Once this land lost its balance and then did not bear this living beings and then those converse way rolling and that state appeared
xUbghGJ epyk; rkdha; epd;W caph;fisj; jhA;fhJ xUghy; rha;e;J fPH;Bkyhfg; g[uz;L mHpa[k; epiy cz;lhf
கெடுகின்ற தெம்பெரு மானென்ன ஈசன்
And those situation is realized by deevaas and the frightening way requested before lord siva and then asked lord siva to set it right
mjid mwpe;j Bjth;fs; mr;Rw;Wr; rptbgUkhdplk; tpz;zg;gpj;J Kiw nLjYk;
நடுவுள அங்கி அகத்திய நீபோய்
And then lord Siva called that agastiyaa saint and then said that you have got internal light and that way you have goy your name so this world is set right by you only
mg;bgUkhd; mfj;jpa Kdptiu miHj;J mfj;jpy; jPiag; bgw;wtd; eP (cs; xsp bgw;wtd;) vdg;bgah; bgw;w KdptBd cyfj;ij epiy epWj;jty;ytd; eP xUtDBk Mtha;
முடுகிய வையத்து முன்னிரென் றானே.
And thse land elevated place you may approach and then seated there and then set it straight in that way lord siva blessed way informed so that thise once again got it original balancing position
Mjyhy; tpiuaf; bfLk; epiy va;jpa epyj;jpy; Bky; vGe;j nlj;jpy; eP brd;W mkh;e;J rkd; bra; vd;W mUspr; bra;jhd; mjdhy; ne;j cyfk; epiybgw;wJ

ehjk; xspkakha;j; jiyapy; gut[jy;
And those naatham sound is spreading in the head place
அங்கி உதயம் வளர்க்கும் அகத்தியன்
And then those internal and external place those yaaga fire developing that agasthiyaa saint
g[wj;Jk; mfj;Jk; jPia cz;lhf;fp tsh;f;fpd;w mfj;jpad;
அங்கி உதயஞ்செய் மேல்பா லவனொடு
And those north side those gaan fire form appeared that agastiyaa saint and then in the south side
Bky; jpirf; fz; qhdf;fpdpaha; tpsA;fpa mfj;jpa Kdpth; bjd;jpirapYk;
மங்கி உதயஞ்செய் வடபால் தவமுனி
And those meditation performing saints alone seeing that rare form of lord siva who is seated in monk form and those lord siva
jtk; cilatBu fhzj;jf;fhuhf mhpjpy; tpsA;Ffpd;w jtf;Bfhyj;ij cila Kdptdhfpa rpbgUkhd;
எங்கும் வளங்கொள் இலங்கொளி தானே
Who has seated in the north side and then those whole world glittering light form appearing
tljpirapy; tPw;wpUe;J cyfk; KGtJk; tpsA;Ffpd;w xspaha;j; jpfH;fpd;whu;

September 20, 2021

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